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US Patent: 10143223B1

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Sports Rehydration Drink

More does not necessarily mean better! Adding more salt or sugar does not make a better electrolyte drink. At Gray Mountain, we are dedicated to making the most balanced electrolyte replacement solution with the most natural ingredients. And we have scientific data to prove the math!

MagNaK was made with balance of the "good" without a hint of the "bad". No preservatives, artificial colors or unnatural flavors. No unwanted calories or excessive sugars. Just the right formulation of electrolytes with a hint of sugar, and a great natural taste! Made by those who expertly manage electrolyte problems, in the real world! Made by a physician and a scientist! So now, you can focus more on the workout and less on the nutritional label. Rehydrate, Replete, Regenerate!

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Data is derived from actual product nutritional labels. 
Concentrations can vary slightly based on beverage flavors.