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Email: info@GrayMountain.US

TEL: 1-(800) 377-6817

US Patent: 10143223B1

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Necessity is the mother of invention! And at times, intervention! Gray Mountain was formed to fill in the void left by numerous commercially available sports or "energy" drinks, which in many ways, do little to address the problem of dehydration and electrolyte losses. The Founder and CEO of the company, Dr. Sourabh Kharait, MD, Ph.D. is a practicing Nephrologist and the current Medical Director of Clinical Trials of a large private practice in Northern California. Dr. Kharait specializes in treating severe kidney problems and electrolyte disorders and serves as a consultant for numerous hospitals, dialysis centers and clinical practices in the Sacramento area. In addition to his medical doctorate and his fellowship in Nephrology at UCSF, he has a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular physiology from the University of Pittsburgh. An author of several original research articles and winner of numerous awards, Dr. Kharait was recently recognized as a Top Doctor by Sacramento magazine in December of 2017.

Ishita M. Shah, Ph. D., is the Associate Director of Microbial Programs at the Foods for Health Institute, University of California, Davis. She collaborates with experts in the multidisciplinary Milk Bioactives Program towards the identification and translation of Milk-derived agents for altering infectious outcomes. After her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology at University of Maryland, Baltimore County and postdoctoral training in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Shah worked in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Genentech, Inc. in South San Francisco prior to joining UC Davis.



    The Iron COWBOY

1n 2018, Gray Mountain partnered with world's fittest endurance athlete, James "The Iron Cowboy" Lawrence to create a powdered electrolyte version of MagNaK. Their first product known as Speed Sauce was released in Spring of 2019 and helps endurance athletes achieve their best by preventing muscle cramps and fatigue during/after long training exercises. More about the Speed Sauce is available at More about James's impossible feat (50-50-50) is available at

HaneyBIZ Inc.

Led by a successful entrepreneur and a businessman, Mark Haney's team (at Haneybiz: provides sales and marketing support, audiovisual media materials and financial advisory support to Gray Mountain. In 2018, Gray Mountain partnered with HaneyBiz and Iron Cowboy LLC to create IGH Naturals, the makers of Speed Sauce.