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Email: info@GrayMountain.US

TEL: 1-(800) 377-6817

US Patent: 10143223B1

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Low Sugar

Gluten Free

Developed by a Physician



Gray Mountain Sports Drinks is a privately owned specialty beverage company that was founded by a Nephrologist to achieve one goal:


Improve hydration of athletes with the "right" electrolyte solutions.


 "MagNaK has helped me stay hydrated on and off the court. The low sugar and high magnesium content prevents bloating and muscle cramps and

helps me perform better! And I love the fact that it is free of preservatives and artificial colors"

-Yogi Ferrell

Professional Basketball player

(Sacramento Kings)

Watch UFC star Darren Elkins give his 110% with MagNaK 

A Better Solution for Hydration

For years, athletes have struggled to keep up with their fluid and electrolyte losses during periods of intense exercise. Despite the myriad of sports and energy drinks in the market, few of these have an optimal balance of electrolytes to support muscle endurance and recovery. Some of these are loaded with sugars and calories, others are deficient in important minerals, some are high in osmolality (highly concentrated) making them difficult to absorb. These drinks hence often lead to worsening of dehydration, bloating and cramping. MagNaK was developed specifically to correct these problems.
The initial idea of developing a better hydration drink was born out on a cool Saturday afternoon hiking Clouds Rest, one of the highest peaks in Yosemite Valley!

What's better about MagNaK

*Patented formulation of electrolytes developed by a KIDNEY SPECIALIST

*Rich in Magnesium (25 % of DV) to prevent muscle cramping
*Low osmolar drink, absorbs quickly
*Low in sugar and calories to prevent bloating
*No caffeine, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners 
*Flavored naturally

*Gluten-free, non-GMO, Vegan

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